protect exterior of home in winter

Unfortunately, we have little control over the havoc that winter weather can wreak on our homes. In New England, homeowners see snow ranging from light and fluffy to wet and heavy, dangerous ice storms and unforgiving freezing rain.

While you cannot secure your home in a bubble for the duration of the season, you can take some simple steps to help protect the exterior of your residence all winter.

Check Your Paint

During the fall season, we can see seasonably warm temperatures before winter weather arrives. Take advantage of these mild days to get outside and inspect your home’s exterior paint job.

If you notice buckling and chipped paint or rotting wood, act now to ensure the damage does not worsen over time. Make your paint touch-ups and contact a professional to evaluate the state of the wood.

Clean the Surface

Pressure washing is popular maintenance in spring, but it should be done in the fall too. When winter arrives, you may not see your lawn, porch or fence without a pile of snow on top for several months.

If you clear away dirt and debris beforehand, you are protecting these surfaces from further contamination. For your paint in particular, it is better suited to face the elements clean than dirty.

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