Planning Construction Of New Home


planning your home

For most people the idea of building a new home seems like climbing a very steep mountain. They know that once the peak has been reached the view will be worth it but they seem fixated on the trip up there. For these people there is an old saying. When asked, How do you eat an elephant? The answer is, A teaspoon at a time.

Like any other big project new home construction is actually a multitude of small operations that fit together much like a puzzle. The end result is a beautiful shelter that provides heat, water, lights and sewage disposal in a safe and functional manner. A residential builder has to have all these items have to be in place in order for the unit to receive the occupancy permit.


During the boom in home building after World War II most homes in subdivisions were cookie-cutter types. The trim and other decorations were different with each home but the basic shell and layout were identical. Because the workmanship and materials were excellent these homes are in great shape over fifty years later.

Today most people who want to build look for a custom home and builders are constantly working with new and different home plans. The great thing about a buying a set of home plans from an established home designer is that all the aspects in the blueprints have been tried and tested. It’s like using the cookie-cutter approach that worked many years ago and the various contractors are following something that has worked dozens of times before.

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