How To Know When Your Roof Needs Painting

know when your roof need painting

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In order to maintain your roof, experts agree that a roof should be repainted at least every 5 years. This not only ensures your roof always appears in a pristine condition, it also allows one to address any minor problems such as leaks and rust before they may become larger ones.

Whether it’s tiled or corrugated, painting your roof is a great way to add value to your home. To get the job done properly and safely, it’s important to prepare thoroughly and use the right equipment.


Before you start painting, you need to give your roof a good clean. Give the the entire roof a high pressure wash, you can use sugar soap as well to get rid of dirt and grime. A high pressure wash is the quickest way to clean corrugated roofs. You can also use a hose and scrub down with a broom on tiled roofs.


Make sure that all surfaces are clean and free of any loose particles.

Never !! paint over surfaces on which the paint is failing, the area in between which seem to be sound are already weak and will soon fail.
The new paint will tend to pull the old system off if not prepared properly.

Check the condition of the roof as follows:

When the surface is dry, press a length of masking tape securely onto the roof surface, then pull it off quickly. Examine the adhesive side of the tape. If no coating is removed, and no dirt or chalky material is apparent, then the surface is ready for the first coat of paint.

If, with the tape test method, the paint coating is removed, you need to strip the existing paint film.

On unpainted galvanized iron remove any rust, clean with galvanized iron cleaner,rinse thoroughly and give it a coat of primer.

Choosing Your Paint

Calculate the area of your roof and buy enough paint to apply two coats. Remember that darker colours absorb heat and lighter colours reflect it.

Painting a Tiled Roof

The best and quickest way to paint a tiled roof is with an airless spray gun but you can also use a brush. Use water-based paint but if your roof has lost most of its colour, apply a thick coating of sealer first.

Painting Galvanized Iron Roofs

Film thickness is the actual amount of paint on the surface. The most common problem is that only one coat is applied. Even more serious is when water is added to the paint and only 1 coat is applied.

Two coats must be applied.

Allow at least 4 hours drying time between coats.

You can apply paint with a brush, roller or airless spray.