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How To Paint An Accent Wall In Your Home

how to paint accent walls
Color sets the stage in any room. One way to bring more color into your home is to use an accent wall. It’s easy to create an accent wall in your home with some painting advice. If you are wondering how to paint an accent wall yourself instead of hiring house painters, you’ll find out here.

1. Picking A Wall

An accent wall is a wall painted a different color from the rest of the room and will naturally garner attention. Choosing the right wall will highlight an already prominent feature of the room.

It’s best to select a wall in an open area that has lots of light, either natural or artificial.

The wall that your eye is pulled towards or that has interesting architectural features is especially good.

2. Choosing the Color

A single accent wall can help tie everything in the house together, if you choose the color carefully.

Many people like to go with bold colors when making an accent wall. However, almost any contrasting color will do, so look at your favorite colors to highlight a wall.

If you have minor hints of one color in the room, like red, adding in that color as an accent wall is ideal. The entire room will look organized and part of an overall design scheme.

3. Choosing a Paint Sheen

Next, think about the kind of paint sheen that you want. Each paint sheen reflects light differently and you can use that knowledge to set the mood of the room.

A subtle eggshell finish can make the entire room feel softer.

Shinier finishes, like semi-gloss or satin, will help add light and make the wall stand out even more.

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